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When I was up in Sonoma my mom called me to let me know that she saw a picture that I took in the paper. So cool! It was of Alex and MIke’s wedding at Camarillo Ranch. When I got back into town I had to go search for a paper so I could see it for myself. I was soooo pleased to see that it was in color! That was so thoughtful of Alex’s family to put to put a nice note for them in the paper. I might have to subscribe to the paper just so I can see this section every week. I love it! Right now my habit it to grab my coffee and open my google reader to catch up on my favorite blogs. Now it’s going to add cozying up with the Sunday paper :)

The Wedding

Star Free Press

Of course you can imagine my surprise on Tuesday morning when I sat down with my coffee, opened my google reader and discovered that Alex and Mike’s details were also featured on the Wedding Party blog. Check it out! They loved her Kid’s table.

Child's Play ;)

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