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This week’s “Ask Chelsea” is inspired by this article on Fraudographer’s from the blog offbeat bride.  It’s amazing how many photographers out there are misrepresenting themselves.  I think this article teaches you on who not to hire. This week’s “Ask Chelsea” is all about how you determine who to hire.  Every time  it’s a interview to see if we are a good match for each other.  There are three main elements that clients should consider when deciding who to hire to photograph their wedding.

{ The Art }

You connect with the photographs.  You’ve seen the photographers work either in person or online and are moved by the work.  You can imagine yourself in those images.  You really want your wedding images to look like the wedding images you’ve seen on that wedding photographers blog. Their style matches yours.
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{ Budget }

Not everyone has unlimited funds. Wouldn’t my life be easier if they did ;) Everyone has a wedding budget and it’s important that you don’t overspend. It’s also important to make sure that you get wedding images that you will love looking at years after the cake and flowers are gone.  You don’t realize the value of your images until after the wedding. What seems expensive is now something priceless.  Consider what you can afford and how important photography is to you.los ángeles,wedding,engagement,malibu pier,photographer,image{ You click }

This is the most important.  By the time I meet with clients in person, number one and number two area already taken care of. I know they connect with my work since they contacted me.  We’ve talked on the phone, and we’ve discussed packages.   It’s time to see if our personalities are a match.  You are with your wedding photographer more than anyone else on the day of your wedding. I’m there helping you get ready, taking your portraits, setting up your family formals and chasing you around the dance floor.  The more we connect, the more relaxed and fun you will have, the better your images will be.  If your annoyed with your wedding photographer, I guarantee you that expression will come across in your images.  The feeling will even affect how you feel about your wedding images.  If you love your wedding photographer, your more likely to love your wedding images too.  You will get to know each other. The more I know about my clients, the more I know what they like and who’s important to them. I know what to photograph and I make it happen.  I all about pleasing my clients and making sure they enjoy their wedding day and love the images.

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