Catalina Island ~ Avalon Harbor Cleanup

It was the 25th annual Avalon harbor cleanup. The Catalina Conservancy Divers puts it on every year. Divers from all over gather to clean up Avalon Harbor. I just love Catalina so I had to join in! A group from Baxter Healthcare divers got together. I volunteered to be the official photographer since I don’t dive. Of course I had to be taking pictures ;) Here’s a picture of me with my BFF Karyn :)

We jumped on the Catalina Express first thing in the morning! We left San Pedro just as the sun was coming over the horizon. I love sunrise pics! They were amazing! It was a bit chilly so I layered up! We crashed in the Commodore Lounge. That was the best $10 I ever spent on a diet coke & a cookie ;) It was nice and toasty warm. Andrea brought her beautiful Hungarian Vizsla with her named CJ. What a great dog!

It was such a beautiful day! A great day to spend in Catalina. It was sunny but not too warm. Our team was stationed at Casino Landing. I think we got the best spot! Karyn and I watched at the divers searched the Avalon harbor for trash.

The best one was a timex watch that was still working! There was tons of beer and beer caps… as usual. Then there was a frying pan, you just knew there had to be a story to that one!

After the dive everyone was pretty tired. We relaxed in the sun until it was time to head home. What a wonderful day it was! :)


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