Furry friends

Today I had the opportunity of doing a pet portrait. My client just wanted a framed picture of his dogs for his wife’s birthday. So we got Rusty, Emily and Maggie out in the backyard for some photo action. All of the doggies were really excited about getting treats so we got some good begging pics. I love how we got a picture of all three dogs! What a challenge!

I wrapped everything up really nice for his wife. I thought it was a great gift idea!
I got the best email the next day:

She loved it! There were many tears. Thanks very much. I’ll take a look at the blog.

Dear Chelsea,
Hi, I was the lucky recipient and I have to say it was THE VERY BEST gift I have ever received. I was a big sob fest. Thank you and please send me some cards for my friends.

It totally made my day!!!! :)

I was inspired to look back at past pet portraits I’ve done. Here is my own adorable cat Mattie. She loves laying on my lap while I’m processing pictures :)

A past pet portrait sitting for a cute little pug and boxer. The owner was cute too ;)


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