Birth Documentary

I was so excited to photograph this special, emotional birth documentary at Los Robles Hospital.  A beautiful family of three, grew into a family of four on a special day of 11/12/13.  Who wouldn’t want that birthday? I just loved photographing this family during the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Orla. Her big sister was so thrilled and excited to hold her new little sister.  Orla Grace was born November 12, 2013 at 2:24pm at Los Robles Hospital.

A quote from the mother of Orla. “I’m so thankful to have two beautiful healthy, happy girls in my life. I am happy to have had my best friend and husband right by my side.”

Birth Documentary at Los Robles hospital with dad and big sister

Weighing the baby in for the first time :) A perfect healthy baby girl.

Newborn baby on scale in birth portraits at Los Robles hospital

So beautiful and precious.Beautiful baby girl shown in black and white at Los Robles hospital

Daddy holding his new baby girls’ hand for the first time.Crying newborn holding daddy

You can see the special bond this dad has for his new baby girl.  There is a lot of love from this image.Proud father holding newborn baby girl in hospital roomBirth documentary with father, big sister and newborn babyBirth documentary with proud big sister holding babyBirth documentary beautiful family holding newborn baby

Baby Orla looks very happy and content in mommy’s arms.Birth documentary special bond with mother and newborn babyspecial moment of mother smiling in hospital for birth documentaryfamily watching daddy through window in Los robles hospitalDaddyFather overcome with emotion holding his newborn baby with momProud parents of birth documentary at los robles hospital

So sweet and innocent.Precious baby girl with bow on hat laying on mommy

Fingers and toes of baby girl in birth documentary

Look a those adorable toes!birth documentary baby girl feet in daddybirth documentary at los robles hospital daddy holding babyMother holding her baby girl  wrapped in blanket at los robles hospital

Love this first family portrait :)beautiful story birth documentary mom and dad looking at baby


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