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Every year I get together with some amazing photographers and good friends for an annual photography convention.  We listen to some amazing speakers during the day and have great networking functions at night.  Sometimes we even manage to squeeze in some portrait sessions.  This year the conference was in Carefree, Arizona.  The landscape was absolutely beautiful!  We headed out into the dessert with some video lights and pocket wizards and had fun experimenting.  I didn’t take my flash with me so all of these are taken with natural light.  Here are just a few of my favorite images.


007 01.13.09

001 01.13.09

002 01.13.09

Here’s the beautiful Kris McElligott

026 01.13.09 old

Gorgeous Leslie Gilbert

005 01.13.09

019 01.13.09 sepia

010 01.13.09


I love this, we were just standing on this dirt road and I saw UPS drive up.  I asked Kris to stick her thumb up… the next thing we know he’s pulling over and Kris is jumping in.  It was hilarious!!!!

ups 01.13.09 web

Here’s a behind the scenes view of David Pearce and Joe Gidjunis

012 01.13.09

This is where the lights come in. You can see how dark it really was when we were shooting.  The sunset pics that David and Joe got were AMAZING!

028 01.13.09

Here we are back at the hotel. I took some fun pics of Kris in front of our room at the Carefree Resort.

032 01.13.09

036 01.13.09

034 01.13.09




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    aaaahhhh! thanks girl! :D

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