Ventura County Family Portrait Photographer

I love this family!  So many giggles, hugs and snickers shared between us!  From Oregon to California it’s been a pleasure photographing them.  Here’s the latest and greatest in the Vorhees Family!

Q:  What inspired you to schedule a portrait session for your family?
A:  Portraits with Chelsea have become an annual tradition for our family.  She has been shooting us every year (sometimes multiple times per year) since 2007.

Q:  What were you looking for in a portrait photographer?
A:  I look for someone with a great personality, casual style that will capture amazing, innovative shots while making things fun in the process.
Q:  What was your number one goal to achieve out of your portraits?
A:  I like to capture images of our family to see how we change one year to the next.  This was the first year that my son could walk, so that made things extra fun!
Q:  What inspired you in styling your portrait session?
A:  My daughter had a favorite dress, she called it her “twirly dress” and I happened to find one for me that matched.  We had never had matching outfits before, but it was fun to do it.  She’s 4 now and probably won’t want to dress like her mom for many more years.  We tried to coordinate Dad & Joe’s outfits with our dresses.  I also had my daughter and I wear different jackets so things weren’t too “matchy-matchy”.Q:  What do you plan on doing with your images?
A:  We use the images in our family calendar, holiday cards, photo books, the grandparents all get copies as well.  But my favorite is the canvas that we order each year.  We have them going up our stairway in chronological order and it’s my favorite part of our home’s decor.
holiday-portrait_021Q:  How did friends & family react when you showed them the images for the first time?
A:  People just love Chelsea’s images.  They can’t come into our home without seeing canvases of her work all over the walls and they always have such nice things to say about them!  Chelsea has also shot my husband and my extended families (brothers, sisters, grandparents) – I highly recommend doing that every few years.  It’s wonderful to have a big family portrait!
Q:  What surprised you most about your portrait session with Chelsea Elizabeth?
A:  Ha!  How COLD it was!  We shot early on a Sunday morning, we are currently living in Portland so are pretty used to chilly weather but it was unseasonably cold in California that day.  We made the best of it, Chelsea was so great at getting our kids to cooperate even though they were cold.  Chelsea was so sweet and even let my kids warm up in her snuggly quilt between shots.
Q:  What’s your favorite image?
A:  Hayden snuggling in the quilt!
Q:  What advice would you give to someone looking to have their family portraits taken?
A:  Planning and preparation are key!  Take time to plan what you’ll wear and get input from a friend whose style you admire, make sure your kids are well fed, have had good sleep, give yourselves plenty of time the morning of to prepare.  We have learned to bring snacks to our sessions and a treat or reward to help motivate the kids and make it fun for them!

Q:  I love how you do pictures every time on your vacation. How do you pick out portrait locations?
A:  We have such a bond with Chelsea, she knows our kids and they respond so well to her that we make it a point to have portraits each time we visit as a family.  My family is from Ventura while my husband’s is from Central California so we have had some fun beach shoots, lots in and around Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks (where we used to live) and fun locations in L.A. County.  I love oak trees so we frequently will shoot under an oak.  Chelsea even did my son’s 1 year portrait as Disneyland one year.  Chelsea has a great eye for scouting locations so we usually just trust her and go where she suggests!  She has a lot of cool spots that are off the beaten path.










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