Day 6 – Florence

We took the Eurostar back from Venice to Florence. We were getting pretty spoiled riding in first class. It was nice! Gave me a chance to edit all my pics on the train :) The countryside was amazing too! I’m so glad we got to see Italy along the way. We got into Florence in the afternoon. Our first trip was to walk up to Michaelanglo Piazza and see all the piazzas along the way. Florence really shuts down early. We didn’t see much open past 6pm. The trip across the city was nice and I was so excited to get to the bridges at sunset. The bridge reflecting on the water and the sunset was amazing. Michaelanglo piazza is at the top of the hill in Florence. The view of all of Florence was beautiful. You could see all the cathedrals all lit up at night. On the way back down the hill we walked through all the shops on the bridge. Now I now where all the people are at night. It was like the 3rd street promanade in Santa Monica. I love Florence. i think it’s my favorite city so far :)

  • ShephardAugust 1, 2008 - 10:17 am

    We loved Florence as well… but couldn’t wait to get back to Venice. :)

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