Santa Monica Birthday Photographer | Jane’s 90th!

Jane’s family all came out to help her celebrate her 90th birthday! The fabulous event was held at The Victorian in Santa Monica. Jane’s family is so talented! She was senernated not once but twice! She also got her own personal slideshow. I loved watching all the reactions! Jane has lived one amazing life! It’s great to see all her friends and family gathered to celebrate her bday with her. The young kids were so adorable! I love seeing my clients for all thier life’s milestones. It’s why I do what I do! Thanks to Joel, Carrie, Sarah and Wendy for hiring me :)

It was so good to see Devon again :)I love seeing all the new additions to the family!The slideshow was awesome! Lots of laughs and tears :)
Amazing singing!!!
Love the tiara’s!!
Of course.. had to get another picture of Joel & Carrie :)


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