Malibu Beach Wedding Photography – Part 2 | Sylvie + Eric

Loved shooting a wedding for a chef!  The food was AMAZING!!!!  Yum, I’m drooling again.  The decor was amazing too. I feel in love with the tables.  The dance floor at the La Costa Beach Club was in the sand.  It was a party!  Gotta love a Malibu Wedding!

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Part 2/3 of my interview with Sylvie!

Q:  All the food was amazing! Can you talk about selecting the menu?
A:   This is an area I really can not talk much about,since I had no part of it. What I can say, was that my husband is magical. He sole handily put together the entire menu, ordered every part of the food himself and then the two days prior to the wedding all of our family was in our tiny tiny apartment assembly line style putting the food together. Day of the wedding, he woke up at 4am and finished up the final touches with his brother. The food, was definitely a part of our wedding that will never be forgotten. So often you go to a banquet style wedding and you never leave saying, “wow the food was exceptional” I know that this was not the case for our wedding. I’d imagine that the food might have been one of the most memorable parts :)

Malibu Beach Wedding Appetizers

Q:  I’d also love details on the tables! LIke the glasses, plates, shells, linens, driftwood, etc. Everything came together so well!
A:  See below:

  • Vintage colored glass jugs at the end of each table: these are actually from the 50’s pretty much impossible to find, but we have a friend who happened to have a bunch and let us buy them! Now we have a ton left.
  • Colored hob nail medium sized jars: My company actually manufacturers this glass and there were extras, the colors were perfect.
  • Table glasses: since the wedding was on the beach, the beach club wouldn’t allow glass. So we had to use plastic. I was really worried about how this would look and then discovered Acrylic Glasses, they looked just like glass. They were sturdy, and really pretty.
  • Plates: Again we didn’t want clunky plate ware, and wanted to keep the rustic style. i cam across a website which had paper plates designed by an architect. Wasara plates, they were recycled paper and really cool shapes
  • Shells: These were piece mealed together, we bought shells from all over, collected some, borrowed some etc….they are not cheap!
  • Linens:These were all custom made to fit the tables at the beach club. The material was bought downtown in the fashion district and then my maid of honors mom sewed them together.
  • Driftwood: we collected them for over a year during our beach walks, and eric and Fox took a few trips to beaches a little more north to look for them. Huge success.
  • Napkins: custom made with 2 different designs per napkin. ( one of my favorite details)

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