Rustic Malibu Beach Wedding

This malibu beach wedding was one of my favorites from last year!  The spring colors on the beach looked amazing! I loved all the rustic succulents mixed and matched with the beach chic decor.  I had a chance to interview Sylvie and ask her all about planning her dream wedding!  Read Part I and Part II.

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Part III

Q:  What is your favorite memory of your wedding
A:  I have 3 favorite moments. Following in this order:)

  1. Walking down the aisle and seeing how beautiful everything we put together looked. From our make shift alter with the giant succulents, to our palm stump with our filled the sea-glass jar that Eric, Fox and I have been collecting.
  2. Dinner Time: I loved where we were sitting, right in the middle of everyone. It was perfect to be able and see everyone from where we were.  And I actually remember sitting with both Eric and Fox and truly enjoying those moments together. It almost felt like we were at a party for someone else, not just for us, and we could relax and enjoy the time.
  3. Dancing in the sand. Once it became dark and the big bon fire was going in the foreground and the tiki lanterns were lit, the lights and energy that brought pulled the entire day together. When we were dancing I remember thinking to myself, “wow how did we do this? Fun, mellow, classy and different all in one”


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Q:  How would you describe the theme & vibe of your wedding?
A:  A perfect mix between: Rustic, Beachy, and Formal Casual. Most people were barefoot the whole day which added that casual feel, but then everyone else was wearing formal wedding attire ( not black tie, but classy)malibu,wedding,la costa,beachmalibu,wedding,la costa,beachmalibu,wedding,la costa,beach

Q:  What inspired you most while planning your wedding?
A:  The mix match idea. I’ve always been resourceful when it comes to pulling things together with different types of items.
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Q:  How did you select your venue? What was your most important deciding factors.
A:  Beach, beach, beach was the key. And since we literally live 1/4 mile south of the venue it was a no brainer. We walk on the beach all the time and have friends who are members of La Costa Beach club so we asked them if they would sponsor our wedding. Picking the venue was the easy part, figuring out how we were going to pull off a 130 person wedding on our own was the hard part. We ( Eric, myself, the bridal party and our amazing friends all helped us set up the wedding day of at 7am) Due to the Club restrictions, we could not set up anything except for the patio hanging bulb lights until the day of. This stressed me out. Luckily I had created these insane floor plans of the location and one of my brides maids ( Jackie, helped Eric and I walk through the while day minute by minute). 


Q:  How did you decide on the florals for your wedding decor? Who was your florist?
A:  This was easy as well. I really only like Casablanca Lillys, I’m not a big flower person. I love White, and Green. The florist was Sea Lily here Malibu down by Trancus. I know she does amazing stuff. Day of the wedding there was a little hick-up, the lilys which she bought over a week before the wedding still hadn’t opened come the day of :( She called me really upset and asked me what I wanted to do. I Asked her to still put the closed up lilys there and maybe the sunlight would help, but also to throw in some white roses just in case they didn’t, this way there were actually white and green to be seen. The succulents, we bought here and there and cut from friends yards.

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Q:  What made your weddings unique?
A:  Most of the wedding was made from scratch, the chiffon curtains, table cloths, runners, napkins, we collected the drift wood ourselves, we made the mercury glasses for the candles, the cake stand was made by a carpenter.

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Q:  What were your favorite details?
A:  Loved, loved, loved the napkins, they were custom double sided cloth napkins with really fun colors and prints. The tables were really beautiful with the natural colors, white and green and the drift wood center pieces. I also loved the look of all the food. Eric really pulled that together better than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t have one say about the food ( which seems only natural since he is a Chef and I can not cook)

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Q:  My favorite detail was the bayles of hay! How did you find the hay?
A:  Eric bought the hay from a feed store in Agoura I believe. This was a little hickup we didnt think about either. So the beach club really didnt want us to have Hay Stacks on the sand due to the mess it would leave and how hard it’d be to clean up. I was set on this idea, and we had already had the hay bale covers made. So…Eric being the crafty person he is, decided we could wrap the bales in plastic so the hay wouldn’t fall out. Day prio to the wedding Eric Brother and Son spent over 6 hours double bagging 30 hay bales with giant trash bags and tape. HAHAH

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Q:  What is your favorite image from your wedding?
A:  Eric, Fox, and I on the chairs doing the Horrah. Here is why:

  1. We are not Jewish, but Fox really wanted to have a horrah and I love them!
  2. Eric’s facial expressions are priceless
  3. The pictures show such love between Fox Eric and I, but also the love of all the people who were there. It was such a fun moment and captured so perfectly in the photos.

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Q:  If you could give a bride one tip what would it be?
A:  Worry about the details that are important to you, not what you think others will notice.  If I learned anything, the details that were the most special to me were the ones that really stood out anyway.  When you feel passionately about something, we put our effort towards it. Also, DIY’s are really really hard, but worth every second of it in the end.malibu,wedding,la costa,beach
Q:  If you could give a groom one tip what would it be?

A:  Help your Bride, and be a part of the planning, it’s a really fun time to start planning your lives. Eric and I worked so well together and learned a lot about give and take.malibu,wedding,la costa,beach

Q:  What new trends do you see for next year?
A:  Well we bought everything.  I did this with this reasoning, If we would rent things, then they would be pretty standard, and we don’t get to keep anything for us. So…. if we bought everything, not only could we buy exactly what we wanted, or make exactly what we wanted, but we could keep little parts that meant a lot to us.  For example our house if scattered with wedding details, mercury votives, the napkins, table cloth and runner, colored hob nail glasses, square glass carafs, shells etc….but on top of being able to keep items for your self, you can also “re- sell” them and make some money back.  I have sold over $1,000 of wedding decorations.
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Q:  If you could do it over again, what would you do different?
A:  Honestly nothing! It was hard, but well worth it.

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  • BreeFebruary 11, 2014 - 3:38 pm

    I love everything about this wedding! Makes me want to get married all over again and have my wedding on the beach! You can feel all the fun, happy emotions throughout this evening :)

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