Kelli + Jimi

Kelli and Jimi were married at the Moorpark Country Club. It was the kinda day where you wanted some hot cocoa and some comfort food. Really homey comfy kinda day. Perfect day to show someone you love them. I loved the gazebo at Moorpark country club…. it was such a great shot to get Kelli and Jimi’s facial expressions as they looked at the officiant. It even started raining but that didn’t ruin the celebration! I love the fact that Kelli didn’t sweat the small stuff. Such a fun wedding!


  • JenDecember 26, 2007 - 9:08 pm

    just found your blog…LOVE your work..all of the photos are great, but i esp love the photo of the couple walking down the road looking at each other sharing a moment :) Great angle and composition. what lens did you use?!

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