Note Cards

As many of you know, I love note cards! I love sending them, receiving them, and even better…. I love to make them. I think the art of a good thank you card has been lost. I love the impact giving a thank you card has on somone. It puts a smile on thier face and makes them feel special. Your telling someone that you noticed them and appreciate them. It’s also a great way to set yourself apart from the rest. All it costs is a notecard & a stamp.

Below is my new rose note card pack. I sell handmade note cards, 5 pictures for a 10 pack of cards (2 cards per photo). You can also purchase box sets of one particular picture from my online gallery.

Contact me to order the handmade cards. I sell them 10 cards for $20. Handmade cards are 5×7, with a 4×6 print on thick white card stock. I have packs of cards in the following categories: Wine, Assorted flowers, Japan, London, Colorado, New York City, Sailing, Beach Scenes, Winter, and Christmas Ornaments.


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