Red Cheese Photobooth

I’m in so love with the Red Cheese photobooths! They’ve been at a few weddings I’ve been too. So I was sooo excited to see them at Stacey and Courtney’s wedding. Jen and I ducked out while everyone was eating to get our turn in the booth. These are some fun pics!

Chelsea Elizabeth & Jen Rau

Chelsea Elizabeth and Jen Rau

I had some fun with the B/W version

Chelsea Elizabeth

Here’s just Jen :)

Jen Rau


  • jen rauAugust 6, 2008 - 10:17 am

    thanks to cortney and stacy for their photobooth! i love these pics but i think we listened to kate perry a little too much that weekend. these pics are gonna make people wonder . . . lol

  • jen rauAugust 6, 2008 - 10:22 am

    just looked closer and hello you cropped off the cute kiss ones (it was on the cheek people!) i love those! :(

    i’m gonna post them on my blog!

  • Tina KatnichAugust 6, 2008 - 1:03 pm

    You both look great! Cute pics.

  • ShephardAugust 12, 2008 - 6:53 pm

    Oh, I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been thinking about doing this, and am going to follow up on this. :)

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