When in Rome

On vacation :)
Day 1 – Tuesday
Steve and I are traveling through Italy. We almost didn’t make it. Our flight from LA was delayed and we had only 5 minutes to catch our connecting flight in chicago. Close call! The next flight to rome was on Wednesday! Yikes!!!! So we didn’t have time to upgrade our tickets to first class, but we were just so happy to get on the plane we would have sat anywhere. The first day we spent walking to the touring ancient rome (Colosseum, Palazzo Venezia, and the old Roman Forum). it’s simply amazing! We arrived at 8 am and literally walked around till 8pm. My feet were going to fall off. After lunch we walked around and toured the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. The Trevi fountain is amazing! So beautiful. I just had to walk back after dinner and see what it looked like all lit up at night. I just listed off a few things we saw, we really covered the map on foot. I think we walked about 15 miles, from 8 am to midnight. At least that’s what my feet were telling me ;) Steve and I had a great time walking through all the winding alley ways through rome. It was truely and amazing first day in Italy :)


Day 2 – Wednesday
Since we had such a big day the first day I wasn’t suprised when we woke up to find it was 3pm in the afternoon… yes… we slept 15 hours! By the time we showered and left the hotel it was dusk. We missed our second day in Rome. Everything looks fabulous lit up a night we didn’t mind. After dinner we walked even more and toured across the Tibre river to the vatican, then onto Castel S. Angelo and onto Piazza Navonna. The vatican was so big it took my breath away. I couldn’t imagine how big St. Mark’s square was. It looked beautiful lit up at night. The We saw Piazza Barberini, Piazza Del Popolo, Galleria Nazional d’Arte Antica, I think we even ventured onto see Trevi fountain again ;) Piazza Navonna was one of my favorite spots to hang out and get a bottle of wine.

The Vatican at night

Day 3 – Thursday
Our first stop was the Vatican. I couldn’t wait to see St. Peters. It was amazing. The font bordering the basilica was so large it really let you realize how big St. Peters is. I could have spent hours in the basilica listening to the story of each piece of art. The celiings were my favorite :) The Sistine Chapel was closed on Thursday…. we were sooo bummed. We decided that since we like Piazza Navonna so much that we were going to head back there for lunch. Upon the way we found the cutest little alleyway resturant so we decided to eat there. My second favorite resturant. It was two of the best hours I’ve spent in Italy :) I love getting out of the tourist areas and just hanging out. After dinner we walked to check out the Basilica of Rome. It’s where the pope carries out his role of Bishop of Rome. The Basiica almost looks as big as St. Peters from the outside. On the way home we got some gelato. I think I like golden spoon better… but I’m just not a big ice cream fan.


St. Peter’s Basilica

Day 4 – Friday
I just had to see the Sistine Chapel… so we headed out first thing in the morning to see it. I had no idea the line would be a mile long. We tried :) no luck! So we headed to the train station to catch the train to Venice. I loved seeing the countryside by train. i can’t wait to go wine tasting through Tuscany :) We got into Venice Friday night and I was just blown away when I got off the train station. What a sight!!!!!

Walk across the bridge to the vatican city

  • ShephardAugust 1, 2008 - 10:20 am

    Absolutely love your night shots, Chelsea!
    ~S :)

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