Vendor Spotlight | Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events

Vendor Spotlight | Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events

We recently had the opportunity to work with the talented Kerry Lee Dickey from Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events while photographing at Alisal River Terrace.  We had such a fun time we thought we’d take the time to spotlight her for the blog!  I hope you enjoy our first vendor spotlight interview!

{ Spotlight Interview }

Kerry Lee Dickey Santa Barbara Wedding Planner

CE: What do you love the most about working at the (Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events)?
KL: My favorite part of what I do is that I get to be a part of a family coming together.  For me, this is the single most important thing in my personal life and I love translating it to my business .  I help my clients create a landmark , lifetime experience for themselves and for their families.  It’s all about family to me and I listen very carefully during the interview process to hear what couples embrace as most important to them and I listen for two things:   1.  That they want to create a memorable experience for their guests as well as themselves and  2. That family is most dear to them and they want to do something special for their families as well.

CE: What would you love couples to know about your company?
KL: While we specialize in the luxury wedding and bride, I don’t want anyone to be shy about telling me what their budget is for a professional wedding coordinator.  We work with all kinds of budgets and it’s simply a matter of editing and making choices and asking the client what they are prepared to edit out to fit their budget.  My clients pay for my experience which is largely “wedding insurance” and while I won’t discount my rates, I can help clients choose which of my duties they may wish to omit and still maintain integrity for the quality of service that they receive for their wedding day.

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CE: What make the (with your company) weddings unique?
KL: Roots.  Experience.  Integrity.  Connections.  Soul.   Specifically: Roots: third generation Santa Barbaran dedicated to Santa Barbara; Experience: over 15 years’ and 600 weddings’ experience; a Certified Wedding Professional;  Professional trainer, speaker and consultant to the wedding industry;  Integrity: we never accept kick-backs or incentives – our fee and work is for our services and our allegiance to our clients, not who gives us the greatest kick-back;  Connections local and national connections and continued training;  Soul: a sense of joy in the planning process and “day of”. 

CE: Tell me about some details that you just love?
KL: I’m a huge advocate of the guest experience.  I think “cutesy” details are fine and I love seeing a theme through from beginning to end, but the reality is, in the end, your guests don’t leave marveling about how it was the exact same weave of lace on the wedding dress that was on the tablecloths that was on the custom-made serviette.  But what they DO remember is the way they entered the ceremony site and the way the bride and groom thought of their comfort with custom parasols , fans, etc.  They remember the way the food and beverage was presented in a way that they’d never seen before.  They remember that the layout of the wedding and reception was different and broken up into 4 or 5 mini-events with different styles and fun.  They remember the fun activities that the bride and groom had for them.  They remember how seamlessly everything flowed.  They remember the experiences that they had , and that’s what I just love , love , love! 

CE: What’s the most original thing you’ve seen at a wedding?
KL: Maybe not the most original but one of the cutest.  The “flowergirl” was an infant too young to walk and was pulled down the aisle propped up in a gorgeous dress with flower wreath in her hair in a red wagon with a big sign on the front  that said “Flowergirl”. 

CE: If you could give a bride one tip what would it be?
KL: Don’t overthink things too much.  Keep it simple, but pack a powerful punch with the simple thing (s) you DO choose to do.  When you overthink things, you end up sabotaging your wedding . Allow the professionals you hired to do their job and don’t micromanage them. Remember, they have done this a few hundred times. This is your first time.  Express yourself, but have faith in them.

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CE: What new trends do you see for next year?
KL: Woodland weddings continue to be popular and also really incredibly unconventional venues that are converted for ceremonies or receptions (old warehouses, parking lots, etc).

CE: What’s your favorite first dance song?
KL: Sade’s “By Your Side”, hands down.  “Songbird” by Eva Cassidy  (those are my personal handpicks, but I have to say, no one ever really chooses them – they go for more conventional First Dance songs).   And, ok, I admit it, I’m a sucker for Etta James “At Last”. It just never gets old. 

CE: What’s your favorite grand entrance song?
KL: I have many – but my favorite “style” is something really upbeat and almost fun where the couple and/or the bridal party do something unexpected and choreographed.

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CE: What’s your favorite father/daughter song?
KL: Again, so , so many – it’s whatever means something to the bride and her father.

CE: What colors inspire you at weddings?
KL: More than colors, what inspires me most are textures and “elements”.  I love mixing things up a bit so things are not “matchy-matchy”. I love the glow of candles and the element of fire and sparkle.

CE: What is your must have gear that you take to every wedding?
My event emergency kit which has everything from a first aid kit, supplies for repairs for bride/groom, bridal party, supplies for repairs to event equipment, fake wedding rings, back up catering items like cake server /knife, escort cards, table numbers and many more things I have to keep top secret…  ;)  I am also CPR Certified and carry mouth guards in my kit and this certification is something I take “with” me wherever I go.

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