Tag Your It!

One of my buddies, Leslie Gilbert, tagged me today! It’s a game for my photog buddies and thier blogs. We are all so blog crazy ;) Love it!

Ground rules: I tell you eight things about me that you may not have already known, then I tag eight other bloggers.

Eight things about: Chelsea

  1. My fingers are always in my hair… ok so maybe you’ve noticed ;)
  2. I love chick flicks… the cheesier the better. They just make me happy!
  3. I know every lyric to the song “I like big butts”…. I can not lie..
  4. I used to be totally into punk rock in high school..
  5. I almost got arrested in Mexico.. don’t ask…
  6. I showed up as a second shooter to my ex-whatever’s wedding! Hilarious!!!
  7. I’ve created a photo album for every year of my life since 5th grade! Always the girl with the camera :)

I am tagging:

  1. JC .. maybe this will get her to get that blog up!!! ;)
  2. Jen Rau
  3. Nicky and Eric at Eight 20
  4. Geri Nelson
  5. Cat & Adi at Next Exit
  6. Jennifer Sanford
  7. Denice Woyski
  8. Amy Bell

  • geriAugust 23, 2007 - 7:04 am

    My nightmare is showing up to photograph my ex’s wedding! I cant beleive you had to do that!

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