Cowboy boots & puppies!

Aaaawwwww! Doesn’t he just steal the show!?  He’s adorable!  I hope you enjoy my interview with Carly!  I think she has the best Christmas card I got this season!

adorable golden retriever puppy with red leash and cowboy boots in background

Q:  What inspired you to schedule a portrait session for your family?
A:  I wanted to capture my dogs while they are still little puppies and get a family photo while my husband (Active Duty Navy) is still at home.

two puppies as best friends sitting side by side in the middle of mom and dadQ:  What were you looking for in a portrait photographer?
A:  I wanted someone who understood that my dogs are not the best posers and to capture a photo that is both artistic and natural. I was determined to find a professional photographer who would give us photos that we were completely happy with it.couple sitting in rustic scenery holding pups and standing kissing

Q:  What inspired you in styling your portrait session?
A:  I did not want to be too matchy-matchy, I just wanted both my husband and I to feel our most comfortable. We both felt great and I think that came across in the photos.

Q:  What do you plan on doing with your images?
A:  I used them for my Christmas card, as gifts for family, and as over sized portraits for our home.

the bouliers holiday Christmas card with dogs and scrabble theme

Q:  How did friends & family react when you showed them the images for the first time?
A:  Our family absolutely loved the photos! People loved that we looked so happy and natural and not posed at all. Everyone asked who did the photos…they were so impressed!cowboy and cowgirl standing kissing with two pups

Q:  What surprised you most about your portrait session with Chelsea Elizabeth?
A:  Chelsea managed to capture the dogs’ personalities because she was so patient with them. I was stressed out that we could not get the dogs to sit perfectly or look at the camera and you could not even tell we were stressed because Chelsea made us feel calm. We were so happy with how comfortable Chelsea made us feel.

Q:  What’s your favorite image?
A:  My favorite photo is #87, where I am looking over my husband’s shoulder and neither of us are looking at the camera. This photo captured exactly what I see in my handsome everyday: a wonderfully handsome cowboy who I adore. I will cherish this photo forever! As much as I love my dogs, I really just love this photo of the two of us. Makes me smile just thinking about it!
candid shot of Carly looking over her husbands shoulder smiling in loveQ:  What advice would you give to someone looking to have their family portraits taken?
A?  I would say to do your research. Find a style that you like in settings that you like in a budget that makes sense for your family. Also, be open to having a good time at your session and enjoying it. That is what comes through the photos.

Q:  What do the dogs think of the pictures? :)
A:  The puppies think are barking good photos! Wrigley (golden retriever) was ready for his close-up, while Jackie (little dog) was just ready for a treat.
close up shot of golden retriever and mutt with couple in the background








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