Wedding Photographer Wedgewood Banquet Center | Cori + Jeremy

Cori and Jeremy got married at the Wedgewood Banquet Center in Ventura. It was a great wedding :) I loved seeing Jeremy’s expression as Cori walked down the aisle. She literally took his breath away. It was sweet :) We got the last glimmer of light for formal pictures. The light was so beautiful. The dance floor was the place to be. Super festive crowd! I hope Cori & Jeremy have a blast on their Mexican riveria cruise. Sounds like sooo much fun! :)

Cori & Jeremy met at the YMCA so the song was a must!
  • presulMay 19, 2008 - 10:16 am

    What a great wedding kids. We could not be happier for the two of you and wish you nothing but the best.


    Father of the Bride

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