Rustic family portraits in Westlake Village

I had such a blast photographing another red head & her family!  It’s funny how the little things give you a connection with your clients ;) Look at those smiles!  Sooo happy & in love!

My top 4 reasons I love this location!

  1. I’m so inspired by this oak tree. It’s one of my favorites.  I live in the city of Thousand Oaks, but huge oak trees in perfect portrait locations are pretty rare. This was a great find!
  2. The light at this location is always great!  Always different depending on what time of day you go.
  3. There is such a great variety of backgrounds to in close walking distance. It’s great for photographing littles.
  4. It’s got a fence, fallen trees, and a valley… lots of great natural props for families to pose on.

tall oak tree in front of mountain scenery with family and baby

Watching this family hold and snuggle their baby girl makes me miss those days when my kiddos were babies. Time flies so fast and it is so special to have family portraits with your children while they are babies. I think it’s the closest way to “freeze” time ;)

Dad and mom with baby girl wearing purple sweater with a purple flower headband

This family chose their outfits and attire really well. Mom and dad have casual, neutral colors that blend perfectly with the rustic background and scenery. The “pop” of color from the purple of  their baby girl is so beautiful and striking.  It allows her to stand out and be the focal point in the portrait. The purple button up sweater with the denim jeans and the purple flowered headband is just too cute!

family sitting together with rustic background family of three with large oak tree bark in background

The Biffar baby girl was so happy and willing to smile and pose for every shot. Her bright blue eyes come alive with that shade of purple.

adorable baby girl smiling with purple flower headband

Another amazing angle of that fabulous oak tree!!

rustic family portrait with large oak tree in background

This was a great candid shot of this family getting caught up in the emotion and love with their precious baby girl

mom kissing her baby daughter and dad full of smiles

  • AmabelleDecember 14, 2015 - 10:01 am

    Hi There,

    I am a local photographer looking to have family portraits done of my family and I. Would you be able to provide me with pricing for both in-studio and on-site sessions as well as any additional information?

    Thanks so much and many blessings!

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