Stefanie & Charles | Westlake Village Inn Wedding

Stefanie & Charles Wedding was a fun, intimate wedding at the Westlake Village Inn.  The couples style of classic and traditional showed their true personalities. It felt like a romantic fairy-tail wedding.  We had a chance to ask Stefanie some questions about her wedding!

Q: We’d love to hear how you met?

Charles first met Stefanie at a beach volleyball gathering. He was invited by a good friend of Stefanie’s that he met through the Producers Guild. They found each other while playing on the same team. Charles immediately recognized her beauty, charm and volleyball talent. He looked for moments between points to strike up some conversation and get to know her better, but Stefanie remained focused serving, digging and blocking the ball. Certainly anyone that knows Stefanie can speak to her attention to details and incredible focus. At one break in the action, Charles moved closer to Stefanie to ask her about her technique, only to be instructed by her that “You stand there” as she pointed to where Charles should be… which was not next to her making conversation. With that firm direction, Charles was struck by her delicate spunk.

Months later it took Stefanie pulling Charles out of his shell by inviting him to a “game night” party at her place with a dozen or so friends. Charles arrived looking dapper and immediately became “useful as well as decorative” (his aunt’s favorite saying about him) as he opened bottles of wine and helped Stefanie move furniture, retrive things from high places, and all around became her right hand man. During another team moment, this time playing charades, Charles won her attention as he proceeded to act out a difficult word. After a few moments, Stefanie yelled out the correct guess and they looked at each other bewildered. What was Charles acting out? “Lavalamp!” The connection has been strong ever since.

Q.  What will make your wedding special or unique for you. Tell us what you envision your ideal wedding to be like.

A. We are inspired by the Westlake Village Inn ambiance and elegance. The bride and groom have what’s been described as a “calm elegance” so hopefully some of that will carry into the wedding day. We have focused a lot on family and close friends…having them there with us. As for visual details, they will be the usual ones of jewelry, wedding cake, music, etc. We love the indoor/outdoor feel of the Westlake Village Inn ceremony site and Provence room and balcony, the intimacy of the fireplace, textures, etc.

Q. We’d love to know what attracted you to us and our photography!

A. Beautiful images, some mixture of playful and formal, getting the details, showing the beauty of the location, expressions of people, wide angle and close ups, making people look beautiful, use of nature. Natural expressions.

Ceremony Location: Westlake Village Inn, Mediterranean Gazebo | Reception Location: Westlake Village Inn, Provence Room | Coordinator: Natalie Rankin |






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