Westlake Village Inn Engagement | Katrice + Marshall

Katrice & Marshall had a great Westlake Village Inn Engagement Session during a beautiful sunny evening. The Westlake Village Inn is such a beautiful venue for portraits. The property’s gorgeous gardens and air of quiet elegance is the reason is it one of my favorite places to shoot. Katrice looked so pretty in her red dress. It was stunning along with Marshall’s uniform. You can tell this sweet couple is very much in love as their emotions are captured in every image.  Roses are red, so is Katrice’s dress, violets are blue, so is Marshall’s uniform, sweet whispers of I love you, whispered to each other.  I really like the image of the couple and their serious expression against the brick wall with the wrought iron gate. The gazebo portrait withe the sunset in the background is breathtaking. The lighting was perfect to highlight the happy couple.  I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at Disneyland! Their wedding will be so much fun in the magical kingdom where dreams really do come true.

Tuscan Gardens vintage engagement portrait

Westlake Village Inn Wine Cellar Vintage Engagement portrait

Westlake Village Inn Rose Garden engagement portrait

Westlake Village Inn military engagement session

Westlake Village Inn Gazebo vintage portrait


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