Ask Chelsea | all about wppi 2014

Ask Chelsea | all about wppi 2014. Chelsea Elizabeth talk about her experience at WPPI 2014 and answers questions from her viewers.

Bree & I just got back from a whirlwind vegas trip for WPPI 2014.  What an amazing time we had!  We learned a lot, ate a lot, walked alot, and drank a lot! Thank god for the walking and sleeping in a comfy hotel bed.  If you’ve ever wondered what WPPI is all about, you’ll love that Bree graced the WPPI 2014 highlights reel.  Check it out!  This image was from the opening party held by WPPI & Bay Photo at Hakkasan.  What a great way to start off the week!


Q:  How do you feel you benefit professionally & personally from attending?
A:  The relationships I’ve made at WPPI have lasted through the years. I learn just as much at the bar as I do in a platform class.  It’s wonderful to gather with other photographers and talk shop.   It’s priceless!  Since it’s been about 3 years since I’d been to WPPI I was amazed at the changes I noticed. Usually when I go every year it starts looking the same. This year I really noticed the new speakers, the new crowd and the new products offered.  I still love going to class after all these years. I get so inspired from other photographers. This year I really feel like I got my mind blown a couple of times. I picked out the art and computer software classes and Bree went to all the sales & marketing classes.

Q:  Tell us about a typical day/night at wppi…or does what happen in Vegas have to stay in Vegas?
A:  If you getting your money’s worth, what happens in Vegas should definitely come home with you ;)  Bring home ideas that you can implement and new product that will push your photography to the next level!  That being said, class starts at 8:30 AM every day.  Which is soooo early for being in Vegas.  The trade show is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Class starts again at 3:30, and another at 5:00.  Afterwards there are usually dinners and always parties to attend afterwards. Just know you’ll be sleeping from 2 AM to 7  AM if you are lucky everyday.

Q:  What did you learn from attending the Shoot & Share platform panel?
A:  This is a hard one!  There are two parts to Shoot & Share: The community aspect and the business model.  They didn’t talk about the Shoot & Share forum during the talk. They mostly talked about how “Pass” has helped their business.  As a mother of twins who pretty much does 90% of the business herself, this interested me.  The theory is to Shoot the wedding and share the images.  The more your images are shared, the better your business will be.  The days of making money off of prints are gone.  Letting your images go viral will do more for your business.  You pay for the pass gallery for one year and your clients can easily share their images with everyone.  I love the Pass interface and will be considering this for weddings in 2015.

In Vegas, we take A LOT of selfies!

I was really inspired by the baby products and backdrops.  I really need to add more studio packages for Baby’s first year packages.  The rustic wood frames caught my eye and would be awesome for some of my ranch weddings.

More backdrops!!! As some of you know I’ve converted my one stall garage into a home studio.  I really loved walking around the tradeshow and getting ideas of how to fill the space!

I made some purchases that I’m really excited about!  I’m really looking forward to taking my business to the next level in 2014!  My purchases started with the CamRanger. I’m obsessed!! It’s a wifi remote control for your camera that allows you to control your camera from a iphone or ipad. It also allows you to view and download images.  I see so many ways I can use this. Be prepared for some new angles and same day edits!

My second purchase is the Lightroom retouching tool. I’m a huge fan of Lightroom.  I try to do 99% of my editing in Lightroom.  I only use photoshop for touchups.. but not anymore!!!! I can’t wait to master this tool. Now I’ll only have to use photoshop for Liquify.  Julieanne Kost was a wealth of information. I was so relieved that it wasn’t a beginners class. I use Lightroom all the time, but also know there is so much more to learn.  My goal is to continue to learn by following her blog.

My third and final purchase is the Ice Lights and the Ice Pack!  This was a big purchase so I slept on it, but the more I learned and saw at WPPI, the more I knew I had to have these lights.  I’m OBSESSED!  Get ready to see some awesome off camera lights in use for my 2014 weddings.  I’m so inspired and thrilled with them!

I’ve been to Vegas so many times… and I have to say the Hard Rock hotel is by far my favorite!  The pink tacos are to die for!

It wouldn’t be WPPI without a industry party. Silver Rush didn’t disappoint. Loved the venue, peers and music!


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