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June & Isaac had a perfect beach wedding followed with an amazing reception at a Malibu private residence.  The whole day couldn’t have turned out better. The weather was a typical southern california sunny day for a beach wedding.  June and Isaac spent so much time on the DIY decor for their wedding. I was so impressed with all they did to ensure their wedding was as fun as it was beautiful.  We just had to interview June for the blog. I’m sure future brides will love all the knowledge that June is about to pass on! Enjoy!

Wedding Coordinator: Orange Blossom Special Events | Ceremony: Zuma Beach | Reception: Private Malibu Estate Vacation Home | Caterer: Max City BBQ | DJ: Dustin Fuselier | Florist: Raintree Flowers

We loved your wedding coordinator! Tell us more about her. How did you meet her?
I found Danielle Silver of Orange Blossom Special Events on Yelp and decided to go with Orange Blossom based on all of the fabulous reviews they received and my in-person meeting with Danielle. This was one of the best wedding decisions I made.

Tell us details about your vendors, including florist, DJ, caterer, officiant, etc.
I went with a local florist Raintree Flowers for my bouquets and boutonierres.  Joanne Park, owner, is a very nice lady who did not charge me extra just because my wedding was on Mother’s Day weekend.   2 of my bridesmaids picked up flowers at Downtown LA Flower Market and put together all of my flowers on the guest tables.  I found my DJ, Dustin Fuselier, on yelp.  He also had amazing reviews.  My officiant, Jennifer Bersin, is my coworker and friend.  I knew I could count on her to do an amazing job at the wedding.  I found our caterer, Max City BBQ, on yelp as well.  Since I planned the wedding in 3 months, I had to trust my instincts and make quick decisions about my vendors.  It all turned out great.
zuma beach malibu wedding bride and groom on bike
What is your favorite memory of your wedding?
I have several favorite memories:  walking down the aisle with dad with the ocean, cliffs, blue skies and the smiling faces of my husband, my family and friends before me.  I was also touched by the wedding speeches from our family and friends.   My other favorite memories were of the Pacific Grey Whales that enchanted us with their beauty and presence on both occasions we were at Point Dume Beach over the wedding weekend – during our rehearsal the day before our wedding and during our ceremony on wedding day.  Seeing these whales swim so incredibly close to shore left me in complete awe.  We were so lucky.
zuma beach malibu wedding ring bearer
How would you describe the theme & vibe of your wedding? What was the name of all the colors?
I was going for a rustic-chic theme – a lot of wood decor, twine rope and burlap with a just touch of sparkle.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen wore neutral colors – creams, tans and grays.  As theme was rustic the wedding party was in neutral colors,  I felt more liberty to go with bright and colorful flowers without worry that my wedding would lack cohesion.
beach wedding decor on wine barrels
Where did you find those amazing bridesmaids dresses?
My bridesmaids picked out their own dresses with the only guidelines that the color of the dress be neutral and the style of the dress short to knee-length.  I always enjoyed the look of mismatching bridesmaid dresses and wanted the girls to wear whatever they liked and felt comfortable in.malibu beach wedding bridesmaid dressesWhere  did you get your dress & accessories? We’d love brand names!
I have always romanticized eloping abroad since I can remember, perhaps in Italy or some other beautiful beach destination.  At the time I bought my wedding dress about 4 months prior to our actual wedding date, Isaac and I were still intending to elope abroad (or so I thought).  Having never put much thought into a wedding dress, I simply went online to David’s Bridal and purchased a reasonably-priced dress that I liked, without ever trying it on or seeing it in person.  It was not until 3.5 months prior to our wedding day that Isaac successfully convinced me to have a wedding-wedding.  So we literally planned our entire wedding in 3 months. By that time my dress had arrived in the mail, I liked it and I kept it.  It was simple enough for a beach ceremony and an outdoor reception yet had some back ruffle details and a train that reminded me of ocean waves.

zuma beach wedding bride with bouquetWhat inspired you most while planning your wedding?Although I don’t currently use Pinterest, I do surf the web a lot for ideas and inspirations.  I’ve had an affinity for rustic furniture and wood pieces for years now so naturally, I aspired to have a rustic-chic themed wedding.  Additionally, Isaac is originally from the South, so he was very receptive to a rustic-chic wedding. When we decided we would have a wedding-wedding, I started decorating mason jars with twine, burlap and lace.  Soon after, the mason jars inspired me to take on bigger wedding decor projects.  In the 3 months leading up the wedding, Isaac and I were at Home Depot almost every weekend picking out and cutting wood, then we would come home and stain, built and paint our wedding decor.

malibu beach wedding table numbers and centerpieces
How did you select your venue? Such a beautiful rental home. What was your most important deciding factors?
 When we decided we were going to have a wedding-wedding, we had just 3 months to find a venue and to plan a wedding. We wanted to get married in somewhere in LA, as my family is here. Ideally it would be in beautiful Malibu where we spent many weekends hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  The reason we only had 3 months to plan a wedding was because we had already booked our weddingmoon in Costa Rica, with flight departing on 5/12/14. So yes, we booked our honeymoon before I even thought about a wedding. This sounds totally nutty, I know. This goes back to how I originally wanted to elope abroad during our honeymoon.  After we decided to have a wedding-wedding, we obviously had to make that happen before we left for our honeymoon, so that’s how we chose our wedding date of 5/10/14.  We planned our wedding backwards.  We wanted to keep it local in LA since my family is in LA.  We knew we wanted a fun, relaxed and low key wedding and a venue to support that atmosphere. The available options were next to non-existent with a wedding date just 3 months out.  Isaac was scouring the web one day and came across this gem of a venue in Malibu sitting on 1.5 acres.  It was available for a wedding on 5/10/14.  We immediately booked it.  And somehow it all worked out.How did you obtain the permit for Zuma?
We obtained a permit to get married at Point Dume Beach through the County of LA – Dept of Beaches and Harbors’ website. Each area on the beach that available for reservation has identified by the name of the closest lifeguard tower.  The absolute earliest the County allows you to obtain a permit is 3 months out. Luckily this short time-frame worked out perfectly for last-minute planners like ourselves, but is probably not the most assuring option for long-terms planners.  A permit is issued  on a first-come, first-served basis.  The permit is not guaranteed when you request it as it must be confirmed by the County via letter a week or so after your application for a permit is submitted online.  We went into the County’s office in Marina Del Rey in-person after we submitted our application online to ensure their receipt of it. The clerk kindly confirmed and processed our application on the spot and issued a permit that day.zuma beach malibu wedding bride and groom kissing
What made your wedding unique?
Isaac and I wanted a relaxed and fun wedding under the sun so we decided to have a day wedding – beach ceremony at noon, followed by a BBQ reception and lawn games. We really dove head in first with all of the do-it-yourself projects, which is surprising even to us because we do not normally do arts-and-crafts. We added as many personal touches as we could in the 3 months we had to plan our wedding. We built, stained and painted all of the wooden signs, the table numbers and the eccentric looking seating chart.  We found ourselves at home depot almost every weekend to select and cut wooden piences.  Isaac made the giant law jenga from scatch.  He also made the ring toss game including the actual rings which he put together with rope for a more rustic feel.  The ring toss bottles were empty wine bottles obtained by way of Isaac unabashedly going dumpster-diving. We wrapped the ring toss bottles with decorative masking tape.  I decorated all of the mason jars with twine rope, burlap and lace.  All of our wine was purchased in-person from various Santa Barbara wineries.  I made all almost a dozen chalkboard signs and menus using chalkboard paint and chalkboard markers. Isaac and I planted succulents in wooden planters for some of the centerpieces.  We planted flowers in flower pots for our ceremony.  We found a vintage-looking frame at a store, added our names to it, and hung it up on a tree for photo opps. I made the ring-bearer pillow from an old box and burlap.malibu beach wedding scrabble game pieces with wedding rings
What were your favorite details?
I really liked our outdoor chandeliers and all of our lawn games, including the cornholes.  I loved our vintage suitcase for the wedding cards and our outdoor chandeliers.  I also really liked our lanterns displaying the bright flowers in mason jars.  My bridesmaids put together all of the guest table flowers which I loved. I especially loved the purple kale flowers.  I loved our wooden signs and chalkboards as well as the wood slabs on the guest tables. I also liked our scrabble pieces on the cocktail tables. I really liked our wine barrels on the beach and the welcome chalkboard sign doubling as a program.Where did you find those keys?
Pottery barn :)

malibu beach wedding reception and guest tableWhat is your favorite image from your wedding?
Probably images from Point Dume of the whale, the beach ceremony space, the sand, the cliffs, the beach and the wedding party.  I also loved my nephew as the ringbearer.

zuma beach wedding bridal partyIf you could give a bride one tip what would it be?
Plan efficiently and steadily leading up to your wedding but surrender the perfectionist in you on your wedding day.  Your wedding doesn’t need to be perfect. Laugh often and enjoy every minute of it.

bride and groom in front of hammock and behind picture frame

If you could give a groom one tip what would it be?
Be supportive of your fiancee throughout the wedding process.

beach front wedding bride and groom saying vows

If you could do it over again, what would you do different?
Given ourselves a few more months to plan our wedding.  I think that the both of us tackled on so many DIY wedding projects that we forgot all about ourselves – mainly, I neglected to book appointments to have my nails, hair and makeup professionally done – so all of that ended up being DIY with the help of my lovely bridesmaids.

beach wedding groom and ring bearer



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